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Calling Us Home II – CD

Calling Us Home II is not only good to listen to but great to watch with it’s video enhancement. Vogel has been in the music business for over 36 years and has made a name for himself. He recently was seen on EWTN’s “Backstage” program, proving what a gifted singer, songwriter and recording artist of […]

David A. Vogel

I don't want to conform, to the ways of this world. I don't wish to be miss informed or reformed, by the teachings and misinterpretations of those in this world.

I will strive to be Transformed, by the Creator of this world "Almighty God". For, I am in this world, but yet, I am not of this world. My goal, is not to be approved by mankind, but yet, by my Father, who dwells over all things, throughout this world, and throughout eternity "GOD"